Dentist Staten IslandThe Invisalign process utilizes nearly invisible aligners that over time make teeth straight. No longer do patients need wires, braces, and rubber bands to correct a person’s smile. Instead, they can use the Invisalign process. Dr. Taheri is recognized for his proficiency with the Invisalign Silver Preferred Provider Award for the past decade.

Using Invisalign takes several steps. First, you will come to our office for a consultation visit with Dr. Taheri. Dr. Taheri evaluates your teeth to determine if your smile can be fixed with the Invisalign process—it is not for everyone. Once the assessment is completed, Dr. Taheri will take an imprint of your current teeth that will then be made using molds or 3-D digital imaging. The mold is needed to create a series of aligners used to create your perfect smile!

To effectively use the aligners, they should only be removed a few times a day: when eating and brushing teeth. About once per week, you will change to the next aligner in the series. Each aligner will make tiny changes in dental profiles, allowing for teeth to move slowly to their desired positions. You will come to see Dr. Taheri every few weeks to ensure that progress is moving along properly. Within several months, you will be able to notice positive changes to your smile. Dr. Taheri will help give you a smile you’ve always dreamed about.