Digital x-rays significantly limit a patient’s exposure to radiation when compared to film x-rays. Patients and doctors also benefit. This modern technology offers improved diagnostic capabilities that are viewed on a computer screen. Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri can quickly make adjustments and enlarge images to give a precise, more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Digital x-rays are viewed instantly, which saves time and increases overall patient care.


We use lasers in our office to help make procedures less painful, to provide a reduction in bleeding, and to reduce tissue loss. For specific procedures, laser replaces the need for drills and anesthetic injections.

Lasers offer us advantages, such as:

  • Uniformity and precision of tissue ablation that will reduce trauma to a wound bed
  • Increased overall patient comfort
  • Promoting wound healing

Laser pulses are also used to kill bacteria while sparing healthy cells. Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri use targeted laser pulses to destroy harmful viruses and bacteria. The use of lasers is a promising tool for fighting infections for patients with periodontal infections and bone loss.

Nitrous Oxide (Sweet Air)

Nitrous oxide is known to be an effective and safe sedative that gets mixed with oxygen and is then inhaled through a mask that fits over your nose.

Nitrous oxide is frequently referred to as “laughing gas,” and it is one option Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri use to help make patients more comfortable during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is not used to put patients to sleep, but instead, they will be aware of their surroundings and able to respond to directions Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri may have. When patients have the mask on, they will breathe normally. After a few moments, patients will begin to feel the effects of the gas. It is normal to feel both lightheaded and a tingling sensation in the arms and legs. Some patients even claim their legs and arms feel heavy, but really, there is nothing for a patient to be worried about—remember to stay comfortable and calm. Effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly once the mask is removed.

 Digital Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras combine modern video technologies with world-class dental care. Images of the mouth are seen in real time, which allows us to make an accurate and quick diagnosis of problems. Intraoral cameras enable us to understand what is happening in your mouth and to assess the current condition of a patient’s oral health.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Sadly, oral cancer afflicts thousands of Americans every year. Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri use the latest technology available to check for early warning signs of oral tissue inconsistencies and lesions. UV lights are used in the mouth to identify unhealthy tissue. Healthy tissue will look lighter in UV and bad tissue spots will appear dark. Cancer can be caught before it spreads with early detection procedures—potentially saving lives.

CAM & CAD Dentistry

Computer Aided Milling (CAM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) offer advanced treatment options that require less waiting time during restorations. Restorations are customized to the unique needs of a patient’s dentition and occlusion. Three-dimensional models and computer simulations allow us to show you treatment outcomes even before we begin and to fabricate restorations for a perfect fit.

Piezoelectric Handpieces

These handpieces are used for osseous (bone) and periodontal (gum) surgery. When using this technology, harmful bacteria is removed gently, without the need for invasive measures.