Learning about Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is used more frequently today than it ever has been before. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are implemented to improve the look of your gums, teeth, and occlusion. It solves many common hang-ups that people have with their smile. If your teeth are broken, uneven, or stained, Drs. Lieb and Taheri will help you brighten up your smile. 

Who Benefits From Cosmetic Dentistry?

Most individuals have at least one thing about their smile that they want to change. People come to our office for cosmetic procedures that will straighten their teeth and repair or replace teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is frequently used to whiten and brighten your smile. You should come visit us, and let us show you how you can look your best.

Does Cosmetic Dentistry Help Improve my Oral Health?

The word “cosmetic” often relates to procedures that are focused on appearance, without much health benefits, but that is not the case with cosmetic dentistry. There is much to be gained from cosmetic dentistry procedures. For instance, cosmetic procedures straighten teeth, while also correcting your bite function. This can ease pain from TMJ disorders. Dental implants, which is a form of cosmetic dentistry, impacts jawbone density positively. Jawbones become weaker from missing teeth. A bridge or dentures will accelerate bone loss, whereas implants will help maintain bone strength.

Aesthetic and health benefits are clear, and so is the mental health boosts that our patients experience from getting their dream smile. Nervousness and social anxiety can drastically go down when people are happy to smile. Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri will help you experience a boost of confidence that will positively affect other areas of your life!

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Cosmetic Services We Offer

Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri offer a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures at our dental practice. Each process is designed to improve smiles while also increasing teeth functionality.

Cosmetic Services Include:

  • Bridges– patients that have gaps between their teeth will benefit from this procedure. Bridges are attached to natural teeth to help replace missing teeth—one or several teeth.
  • Composite Fillings–  Patients can restore decayed teeth to a natural state with these fillings, which are the same shade as your teeth. Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri always use mercury-free fillings.
  • Crowns– These are small caps that easily fit over teeth to improve shape and size. They also help to restore a tooth’s strength, while also enhancing its appearance. 
  • Dental Implants– Dental Implants are perfect options for individuals who are missing several teeth (due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, and injury). Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri have decades of experience in restoring dental implants. We have the advanced training and technology necessary to make your implant procedures predictable and painless. We routinely do full mouth rehabilitations, and work with only the best laboratories and technicians to ensure our patients get the smiles they have always dreamed of. Trust our decades of experience.
  • Full/Partial Dentures– Dentures function as a great solution for those that need to replace some or all teeth.
  • Invisalign– If you know you need braces but do not want a mouth full of metal, this is a wonderful option for adults and active teens.
  • Lumineers– These are thin veneers that get implanted with only a minimally invasive procedure. When finished they have a very natural look.
  • Teeth Whitening– If you are sick of looking at yellow or stained teeth, you can do something about it. Your smile is usually what people see first, so why not wow them with a bright, white smile? Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri will help you select the whitening option that is best for you.

A composite filling, which has a natural tooth-color, allows us to repair a tooth that is decayed, cracked, or fractured. The affected portion of a tooth is removed and then replaced with a composite filling.

Dr. Lieb and Dr. Taheri use different filling materials because each has its own unique advantages. Come to our office for a consultation to find out the best solutions for restoring your teeth. Composite fillings have a great aesthetic appearance because they look like naturally colored teeth. We work to match the color of fillings to your existing teeth. Composite fillings are frequently used for damaged front teeth.

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A composite filling, like most dental restorations, may need to be replaced someday. However, they are sturdy and will last for a significant period of time. These fillings give our patients a long-lasting and beautiful smile.